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Assi Abogado

Yearning for the Trance

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Yearning for the Trance


Since the pandemic easing up, restrictions around going out and being with others are more loose. I noticed how quickly my surroundings changed—being alone in a room, to going back to clubs, and even going to afterparties. But what remains is a looming feeling of uncertainty. How long will this last? How long can I stay here? I simply went with the tides, despite feeling so unsure of all of this, longing for the years lost during the pandemic.

So much has changed in Manila since the lockdown and, undoubtedly, Queer spaces did not survive. We were labeled unnessential, and a lot of the spots queer people would find themselves together in have closed down. While some managed to stay open, and some new spaces are starting to welcome queer people. I’ve reentered and entered such, which meant I had to leave too. The kind of space I wanted to stay in longer are the afterparties. Here we all became chameleons, blending in real life with color. Their warm skin under the morning sun, her dark brown hair on the ivory tiles, the two of them hugging making a ball of silver and red. All of us yearning for affection, sharing utopias during times of distraught. Here we knew the temporality of this space, that we would eventually leave and move on, likewise knew we were safe as we were together. So I would always want to stay here, longer.

Writeup by Assi Abogado and Celeste Lapida

About the Artist

Assi Abogado (b. 1999, Angono Rizal) is a queer non-binary artist. Often the protagonist of their works, they interweave spectra of emotions and its subliminal with chimeral forms reminiscent of tangible life.

Material and Sizes

33 x 41.5
acrylic on weathered glass

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