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    WIlkinson Tansan Sparkling Water

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    Full-fledged Sparkling water with a sharp, clear taste, and stronger carbonation

    It is a Sparkling water that can enjoy the exhilaration created by polished water and strong carbonation. Not only has it been used in many bars for many years as a split material for alcohol, but in recent years the drinking style of drinking Sparkling water as it is in Japan has also become widespread. It is Sparkling water that can be enjoyed in various ways according to the purpose and scene.


    John Clifford Wilkinson, a British resident lived in Japan, discovered a carbonated mineral spring in the mountains of Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture during hunting. "Wilkinson Tansan" was adopted as drinking water at the first developed country summit held in Japan in 1979, and "Wilkinson" is a brand with more than 100 years of tradition and trust since 1904.

    Great for Whiskey

    Chances are, when you order a highball in Japan it will be mixed with a bottle of Tansan sparkling water. 

    Japanese Sparkling Water Review

    What people say about The Den Manila

    A hole in the wall coffee shop that can be found in Escolta, The menu is in fact interesting and I went for the Bergs paired with Toast topped with Nutella Spread. Fell in love with the grilled cheese with tomato dip. The quality of the bread is good and the cheese is just as great.

    We finally got to try out this place! It was quite hidden, but I loved the feel of privacy when you're hanging out here. I tried the recommended Spicy Tuna pasta & loved it too.

    Great place to work around the Old Manila area! Ordered their Berg's coffee, and was surprised at how big the glass I got was. Caffeine kick was also superb.

    Great for a change of scenery from work from home setups. Good food and coffee! Chic ambiance.

    They also support local artisans to display their craft at their cafe. The staff are friendly, like really friendly. You will always have something nice to deposit in your memory bank whenever you visit this place.

    Finally, a place with great coffee and beautiful people in the heart of Manila.

    I love the vibe and the coffee. I love the ambiance, finally a coffeeshop in downtown manila that doesn't scream "franchise" Thank you for supporting Escolta!

    When I heard the story of a coffee shop in Escolta—that it has come of age (yes, a cafe has found itself), it made me feel wistful. It’s weird. I never knew I could relate to an establishment (well, technically, it’s not just the literal coffee shop, of course) when it says, “It knows itself better.”

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