Wallmug Bearl Unplugged

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A great looking and great to use, superb tumbler.

We designed this tumbler with attentive care for the details,
like its smooth drinking lip and size, which fits perfectly in your hand.

The large opening accommodates straws, and the double-walled design makes it perfect for not only hot drinks, but also for filling with ice and enjoying cool drinks in summer.

It has a nostalgic color and glassy look, and a simple, easy-to-use design.

Another attractive feature is its optional strainer, which can be used to make cold-brewed coffee and tea.

This tumbler feels so good that you’ll want to use it every day.

Not microwave safe.

Product Details
Materials: AS resin (inner cup, outer cup) / polypropylene (lid, bottom) / silicone rubber (inner cup, lid)
Capacity: 400 ml (actual capacity 390 ml)
Size: Approximately W: 91 mm × D: 91 mm × H: 177 mm
Heat resistant temperature: 90 ° C (cup body) / 150 ° C (lid) Cold temperature: -40 ° C (cup body, lid)
Production country: China