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Hiyas Beaded Brooches

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Beaded and embroidered padded fabric brooch. The beads were sewn with a strong transparent nylon fishing line for durability.

Witchcraft does not repeat designs so every pair is unique!


Craft spells of love and warmth with us at The Den.

We have set up a small bruha corner inside The Den that features our newly crafted pieces, alongside a few of our past items.

Para sa Iyong Giliw
💗Send your loved ones messages of light and love handwritten on a postcard this holiday season with our just-released Giliw Postcards, currently available in 2 designs.

Mga Palamuti
🌟Snag eye-catching ornaments from our small selection of handmade Mutya Earrings that flaunt one-of-a-kind designs inspired by nature’s mysterious and captivating beauty.

Kasuotang Nakakaagaw-tingin
✨ We’re also giving you a sneak peek of a project we’re currently working on pre-loved denim upcycled by hand with block printing and embroidery.

💥Keep in touch to see more of our stuff that we’ll add to our bruha nook in the coming days.

All our items are made with love and care, tended and mended with mindful attention, and steeped in a pool of minute gestures of the hand-collected through the passage of time, so the pieces can manifest their forms physically, in the hopes that they can find a body, a vessel they can give their inner fire to. 🔥