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Camper Pack

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A multi-tool "Rivers CAMPER PACK" that is active in outdoor in mountain camping is a set package of reuse bottle, splash guard, strainer, Ivy bottle harness. Each combination enhances the functionality of the reuse bottle depending on the idea and can be used as multitask bottle in outdoor.

① BPA-free tritan bottle as water bottle is lightweight and durable, both hot and cold can be used. The included splash guard makes it easy to drink drinks. A lid with a structure that does not leak water without packing reduces the parts count and is easier to clean and maintain.

② Printing the ounce and millimeter notation scale on the bottle as a weighing bottle. It is useful as a measuring cup when cooking in a camp, as a guide for water supply during sports.

③ High tightness as a food canister is also suitable as a food canister. In addition, I recommend climbing as a food bottle of behavior such as nuts and dried fruits.

④ A bottle with a slim shape as a shaker bottle has a large shake of one swing and can efficiently melt protein and Matcha. As a cocktail shaker, it is also good to enjoy alcohol under the starry sky.

⑤ As a draining brewer, a large capacity strainer is included, and you can enjoy the recent popular watering coffee or watering tea casually.

⑥ Bottle harness hanging in various places and using bottle holder can be used in various situations such as hanging from backrests and tote bags or camping armrests of the chair. The usage method introduced is only an example. Now, how do you use it? Product name: River's Camper Pack Ingredients: Saturated Polyester Resin (Bottle Body) / Polypropylene (Lid, Splash Guard, Strainer) / Nylon (Mesh) Polypropylene (Harness Body) / Polyester About W: 65 mm × D: 65 mm × H: 195 mm, Ivy / approximately W 110 mm × H 310 mm (flat putting), Tea strainer / Approx W: 45 mm × H: Reusable bottle / 120 mm Production Country: China Heat Resistance Temperature: Reuse Bottle / 90 ℃ (Bottle Body) / 110 ℃ (Lid) / 160 ℃ (Splash Guard), Tea Strainer / 90 ℃ (Main Unit) / 110 ℃ (Lid) Temperature: Reuse bottle / -40 ° C (bottle body, lid, splash guard), tea strainer / 90 ° C (main body) / 110 ° C (lid)