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Cascara Tea

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Cáscara means husk in Spanish. It is the outer layer (jacket) of a coffee bean composed of the fruit pulp and skin. Its taste is reminiscent of tamarind and soursop. Cáscara as a drink is common in Latin America and is also known as Sultana. It is believed that Cáscara is consumed in Yemen even before the current form of coffee. ⁣
Our cáscara comes from Sitio Naguey in Atok, Benguet which is processed alongside the annual coffee harvest of Kalsada Coffee.

We tried different methods of brewing the cascara to highlight different flavors:⁣
If you want to keep it simple, freshly-brewed hot Cáscara Tea has a subtle taste that is calming and refreshing.⁣
For a richer and bolder taste, you can do a Cáscara Cold Brew.⁣
Cáscara Tea is available in retail bags of 125g for you to brew and try at home.⁣
Try cáscara and discover this new taste profile, perfect for coffee and tea/tisane enthusiasts!⁣