The Den Manila - Gift Card Terms & Conditions


  • Gift Card (Email Code / Apple Wallet QR) must be presented on your transaction at The Den
  • Valid for 12 months from the date issued. Any gift card not used by that date becomes invalid and the value of the card is expired.
  • Gift cards or vouchers are not entitled to change (change defined as: remaining amount not used on gift card) if the recipient doesn’t spend the full amount.
  • Gift cards may be used for goods or services of a higher value, on payment of the difference.
  • All extras will be charged at full price
  • May only be redeemed once
  • May not be exchanged/ redeemed for cash
  • Strictly non-refundable or transferable
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of The Den Manila is final.


Where can I purchase and use my The Den Manila Gift Card?
The Den Manila Gift Cards can be purchased and used at any of The Den Manila cafes within the Philippines.

How long do I have to use the gift card?
All The Den Manila Gift Cards have a 12 month expiry from the date of purchase, so you have ample time to use them. The expiry date of The Den Manila Gift Cards cannot be extended and any unused balances on expired The Den Manila Gift Cards will be lost which are not refundable or transferrable. The Den Manila is not responsible for any unused balances on expired The Den Manila Gift Cards. 

Can I add more money to an existing The Den Manila Gift Card?
No. The Den Manila Gift Cards can only be loaded once at the time of purchase. If you want to load more onto the gift card the easiest option is to simply get a new gift card. 

Can I get my money refunded?
No. The Den Manila Gift Cards are not refundable. They should be treated just like cash and kept somewhere safe until you are ready to use it. 

Can I get change on my purchase?
No change is issued when using your The Den Manila Gift Card. The balance remaining will still be on your gift card and can be used with your next purchase. 

How do I check the balance of my The Den Manila Gift Card?
You can check your gift card balance at anytime by sending us a message. We shall email you the updated balance of your card.

What denominations do The Den Manila Gift Cards come in?
Gift card come in Php 300, Php 500, Php 1,000, Php 2,000 denominations. 

If I have lost my gift card or if it’s stolen can I get a refund or replacement
No, The Den Manila Gift Cards should be treated just like cash and unfortunately if it is lost or stolen we are unable to refund this amount or replace the gift card with a new one. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
If you have any problems, please email us at