Empiric Trance Reflex - Kiko Escora

In examining Kiko Escora's work, I am reminded of the night. We usually bump into each other at the club’s door with the beating sound of sharp techno music trying to escape the dance hall. In this particular moment, night isn't just a time—it's a feeling, a place where cares dissipate into dream. It is akin to an impulse of trying to free ourselves of the primordial reality of just existing. The fundamental hollowness of being is daunting and the desire to be put in a trance is the comfort we seek. Trance is a rhythm, a place, a paradise, a purgatory. Within this space, we are one with the sound, embodying the beats like a ritual to be performed.

It is a subterranean sound at heart, one that thrives in opposition. Like love and danger, the two elements that keep us going, that in moments of grief and joy, we cherish and accept, we are alive. One cannot exist without the other, like a beat, a cycle, like the weather, the sun and storm coexist, of the need to rely upon each other, to nourish, to challenge the earth, to grow into fruition. The impulse Kiko makes is to wrestle the arbitrary paradigm of representation and house the thought of evolving, that memories and subjects are passing, that thinking is always shaped into new forms, that when the lines are laid on paper, we are put into a trance of trying to decipher the images Kiko creates. This familiar feeling is what we share: challenging the visual, the representations. Dressing up, living up fantasy, is the armor we create to hold ourselves as archetypes so that we can exist in fallow soil. It is natural, to evolve, to accept, and reject.

And as we tread through time, it does not hold back, it’s cruel, we take, sustain, and release. When the beat gets hard, we strike, and when the going gets tough, we fight back. Like in the dance hall, we are constantly put into a cycle of lightness and dark, strobing, flickering, figuring out how our bodies and minds move with it. This is what makes us primal, that we know as creatures, that it is safer in the dark.