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    The Point Before Light Disappears by Hey Ripley

    Hey Ripley materializes her experience of being underwater. The dynamics of color and light in the depths of the sea produce luminous ephemera creating shadows, tint, and highlights. Water absorbs different wavelengths of light at different degrees. As you descend deeper into the sea, certain colors disappear, relative to its wavelength and energy. In an attempt to capture that moment before you reach the point where light disappears, there is a mesmerizing brilliance, imagery so delicate to harness. This moment is encapsulated in resin pieces, a material that requires sharp calculation and gentle technique. Her process tells us of how light and dark coexist to be able to create beauty, a dichotomy that is intertwined and cannot be separated from one another.

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    Kalsada champions Philippine specialty coffee. Their priority is to support Filipino coffee producers and their dedicated efforts to bring quality coffee to the market.

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