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    In this series of new sculpture photographs by Cenon at Mav, they configured images that evoke notions of rest and recovery. In creating Mekanik, like a machine, they tried to compose images of repair, of trying to assemble one self. The scattered pieces of texture, tools and objects is a constellation of emotive color and composition. It is not exact to what these objects are, but it’s an invitation to look into one’s psyche in a time of a difficult circumstance. As if it’s like a candy-colored misery, the color of their mind. What pain extracts is the renewal of wisdom, of testing the limits of endurance, of how far one can go. The draping seems like a seabed floor for crispy anemones and trash waiting to be uncovered, to be defined. It’s a layered visual of uncovering, assembling, realizing, becoming into one vis-a-vis shattering, escaping, exploding into infinity. It’s a cycle, a moment that takes some time to realize, to heal, to unbound — to forever. -D.Tumala

    About the Artists
    Cenon at Mav is an artist-couple that creates images thru assemblage, sculpture, objects and human movement captured by a photograph. These compositions are inspired by personal experiences, often child-like, not innocent but like a trip to a universe they created. Their imageries touches on the influence of fashion, cosmology, ecology and kitsch.

    Print Material and Sizes

    • Prints are on ILFORD GOLD FIBRE SILK 310 GSM. The media creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints.

    Shipping & Timelines

    • Artworks can be delivered via courier (fees courtesy of customer) or for pickup at The Den

    • Artworks will be shipped out after the exhibition. Each print will be individually signed and numbered by the artists.

    • We will inform you via text / call / email once orders are ready for pick up.

    • For deliveries outside Metro Manila, send us a message at

    Framing & Custom Sizes

    • The artists have indicated preferred materials for the framing of the artwork. If you would require framing or a custom size print of the artwork, email us at

    Shipping & Delivery

    Orders ship out via the following methods: 

    • Same Day Delivery
    • Via Courier (3 Working Days Metro Manila • 5-7 Provincial)
    • Store Pickup

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