We're Listening To: Muling Kagat

We're Listening To: Muling Kagat


Our current listening obsession is the BEAUTIFUL tribute album to Hotdog’s Dennis Garcia—Muling Kagat made and put together by his son Paolo Garcia aka Pasta Groove (@parallel_uno). In this album are Hotdog rarities and songs the elder Garcia has produced for other artists. ⁣


Paolo writes in the caption of his post:

"I hope you will always remember my father and learn to love these songs as much as the hits... Many thanks to all the amazing artists involved who made this dream a reality. Have a listen! It’s free... but do save some money for a hard copy in the future"


At events we have organized for the Escolta community, it is guaranteed that we have several Hotdog songs included in the DJ sets. We have always dreamed for the chance that Hotdog will play here at the neighborhood—the closest and best we have come to that is having Pasta Groove play a DJ set for Pista ng Pamana a year back.⁣

We will always remember Dennis and the magic that is Hotdog 🌭 as we stomp our feet in our future dances at Escolta street. You bet we’re saving up for a *fingers crossed* vinyl copy of the album ♥️💿⁣

You MUST have a listen:

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