Shift Sounds Vol. 1 : Cycle by Maine

Shift Sounds Vol. 1 : Cycle by Maine

The Den would not be the cafe you love without the wonderful people behind the bar that make our space extra special.

Get to know them a little bit better as we start our Shift Sounds project. Do their playlists match how you got to know them?

For the inaugural spin, we start with the most senior of the troupe: Maine.


Shift Sounds Vol 1: Cycle by Maine


For the inaugural spin of Shift Sounds, we aptly feature the person who came in first to the team, Maine whose love for coffee can only be beaten by her love of music. Her music palette ranges from quirky to freeform and gravitates towards jazz, the '80s, and indie. In this volume, she selected a few tracks inspired by her new normal bike ride commute to Escolta that keep her on a "cycle". From the synth-infused Chamber of Reflection by Mac de Marco to B.P. Valenzuela's Logic and Sufjan Stevens's tearful oeuvre Mystery of Love, these selections characterize hints of longing for affection, channeling our current situation of isolation. Dive into her playlist and take yourself on a journey that might shed a bit of tear or bop your hip to the beat.

Dive into her audio experience here:

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