Shift Sounds Number 2 - DAMAGEISJOHN by Jhona

Shift Sounds Number 2 - DAMAGEISJOHN by Jhona


In this edition of Shift Sounds, Jhona shares her “love letter” in playlist form of heavy riffs, affirming screams, and punk sensibilities for DAMAGEISJOHN the nom de guerre of her partner RJ.



Jhona joined us late last year and is passionate about coffee and coffee culture, but what stands out about her is her Straight Edge* subculture lifestyle that is apparent from her playlist. This lifestyle forbids themselves from smoking, drinking, and having casual sex - the bane of a destructive self-indulgent life.


It may seem that Straight Edge is all punk and noise, but diving through its surface, the subculture is rooted in activism and living on the edge, where music becomes the tool for its identity and the voice of its resistance. It’s a release of tension, a rage against mediocrity, and a force to break through life’s unjust realities. Beyond the onslaught of sound, you will find sincere admiration and honest admissions, like in the first song, Nineteen by Movements - “And I refuse to sacrifice my aspirations for an income and security / What the hell is "security”? “ 




Listening to Jhona’s playlist, we can see how a person reveals their self, she expresses her emotions and what she identifies with. With this selection, it beckons us to remember that we are a diverse set of people just trying to live and get by. Past the screams and heavy noise, we see the honest confession of wanting a life that is transcendent beyond systems and lifestyles.


*Straight edge is a subculture, a lifestyle, a movement, and, for some, an identity. The term itself came from a Minor Threat song (Straight Edge) from the early 1980s, which decried the self-indulgent and nihilistic ways of the punk community at the time. (



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