Hello, again.

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed the new energy and direction in our posts on social media. Today marks the culmination of these changes as we proudly announce a fresh look, a welcome change, and a new take on your favorite Manila coffee shop.

We are now:

The Den Coffee & Contemporary Culture
Our new logo references the arches in the 90 year old space we are located in.
Coming from our background as cultural workers, it is second nature for us to integrate culture and the appreciation of its different facets as a part of our practices and daily lives.
In this new phase of space making, we retrain The Den's focus and bring it to the intersection of highlighting Philippine coffee and contemporary culture. This renewed space will have programming that explores art, design, music, lifestyle, emerging communities, and new ideas.
We acknowledge the energy of our neighborhood Escolta plus its overarching history and bring it to our new take of the space while we continue to tell the story and champion Philippine coffee through our continued partnership with Kalsada Coffee.
Join us as we take a step in this new direction and expanding our programming into a more diverse track. Explore with us!
Stay tuned as we announce our inaugural presentation, a celebration, and new additions in the days to come.
From the new team,
Gab & Derek

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