Proof of Life

Hello! This is our proof of life.
With the enhanced community quarantine in place in most of the Philippines and with COVID-19 now a global pandemic, we made the very difficult decision to temporarily close The Den, last March 16. We believe that this is an essential decision to keep everyone in our community safe. After making that decision, we also took a pause just to make sense of what's happening, take care of our loved ones/family and ourselves mentally, and volunteered for some efforts before reaching out to all of you.
We will only reopen when we feel it is safe to do so. In the long term, we are also thinking creatively about new ways to serve our guests with care through different channels/modes and to meet the coming challenges of such unpredictable times. Tomorrow, we will be posting how you can support us and fellow makers at the HUB Make Lab in the meantime
Our team is closely monitoring this situation. We look forward to welcoming everyone back into our cafe as soon as it is safe and as soon as we can. For now, we encourage our team and our guests to stay at home with loved ones, and to cultivate kindness and compassion and keep them foremost in our lives this difficult time.
Our deep thanks and gratitude goes out to all in the medical community who are battling the virus on the front lines, and the initiatives of various organizations and citizens providing relief and support to the communities most in need, filling in the gaps where government was found wanting.
We look forward to welcome you back to Escolta and the HUB Make Lab as soon as we can.
Thank you always for your support, patience, care, and understanding.

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